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Umeå BSKT plockar in spansk fystränare

Det är nu klart att Marc Olmos flyttar norrut och blir Umeå BSKTs nya fystränare. Förra säsongen var 25-åringen i Wetterbygden Stars där han arbetade vid sidan av Boris Balibrea.

Bild: Wetterbygden Stars

Marc Olmos kommer ursprungligen från Barcelona där han även har tagit en master i idrottsvetenskap. Han ser nu fram emot sitt nya uppdrag här i Umeå och ska jobba hårt för att spelarna ska vara både fysiskt och mentalt redo.

“I’m really excited to be a part of UMEA BSKT for the upcoming season. I want to thank Coach Boris and the club for trusting me and for doing everything in their hands so I could join this project. My task will consist in getting the players physically ready for all their practices and games. My goal is that they can always train/play at their maximum standards. Following Coach Boris’ philosophy, I like to work hard and invest as much time as possible helping the players grow both physically and mentally. I like to be close to the players and I try to adapt to their needs. I think that Umea BSKT has a structure that will allow me to perform my tasks to the best, that is why I am already looking forward to this next season”, säger Marc Olmos.

Utöver att arbeta med SBL-laget kommer Olmos även att arbeta med Umeå BSKTs utvecklingslag. Målet är att ge alla medlemmar i föreningen den fysiska förmåga som krävs för att lyckas på basketplanen.

“Marc’s incorporation into the project is much more than a piece for the SBL team. Marc will work with our two development teams as well, on the same idea and with the same knowledge that he will also do with the SBL team. This is a clear commitment to our young local players. Also, Marc already has experience in the league, we have worked together the last season, and all this will make our work with the team much easier. Marc has a big knowledge and eager to work. He will focus all his time on both group and individual physical practices, helping us to have a team always prepared to compete at the best level in games”, sager Boris Balibrea.

Balibrea fortsätter och avslutar:

“I’m super happy with this acquisition since if we want to build an athletic, aggressive and defensive basketball style, we need to be fresh and ready to give our 100% always, without excuses. Marc has had good offers in Spain and Sweden, and I’m super proud that he has decided to come with us. I hope that means we’re a great place to be. I’m very grateful to the Club and Luca for the effort they have made to make this possible.”

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