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Spanjor näst ut att signera med Umeå

Màxim Esteban (Nr.5). Bild: enCancha

Umeå BSKTs senaste värvning heter Màxim Esteban. Màxim är född och uppvuxen i Barcelona men befann sig den senaste säsongen i Girona och spanska tredjeligan. En ung spelare med goda basketkunskaper och stor potential.

Innan säsongen i Girona har den 201 centimeter långe forwarden varit fem säsonger i FC Barcelonas andralag och spelat i spanska andraligan. Utöver klubbverksamhet har Màxim även erfarenhet av de spanska ungdomslandslagen. Han ser nu fram emot att börja jobba i sin nya klubb.

“I’m so excited to join Umeå BSKT, it’s a new challenge in my career and I’m happy for the opportunity to be part of this project. I am anxious to arrive, to start working and meet my teammates, the club, and the city. I have a lot of confidence in the coach and I feel it will be a great year for all of us!”

Màxims mål med den kommande säsongen är att utveckla sin basketkompetens och att göra sitt yttersta för att hjälpa sig själv och laget att nå framgång.

“This season my main objective is to improve my game, work hard to expand my skills and habits in the game and help my teammates and the team as much as possible! We are building a good roster, with good players that I think that we will do a great season!”

Màxim Esteban i ett möte mot Sverige i U18-EM. Bild:

Huvudtränare Boris Balibrea är väldigt nöjd med värvningen av Màxim. Det är en spelare han känner till sedan innan och litar på. Màxim besitter goda basketkunskaper och möjligheten till att vidareutvecklas.

“Max signs are going to give us a lot of balance in our team. Max is a really good shooter, but after that, he stands out for doing many things well. He is not a player of 20 points per game, but he is a player who will give us physicists on the court, helping us on the rebound and defensive tasks, and I hope that he can grow in offense throughout the season and can become a scorer in our team. He comes from a few years with a minor role, since he comes from playing in one of the best clubs in Europe, so his challenge will be to take on this responsibility and an important role from the beginning. I know him, I have worked with him and as I always say, the locker room and the chemistry are the most important thing to create a TEAM. He is going to be a key piece to build the team on and off the court. His character and his hard work will inspire our young players. In addition, he has shown a lot of interest in Umeå BSKT, and we want people with desire and enthusiasm for this project. I am super happy with Max’s sign. Step by step, I can’t think of any other way to achieve our goals.”

Text: Emma Järvholm

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