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Umeå BSKT signerar spansk point guard

Snabb, teknisk och smart. Det är tre ord av många att beskriva guarden Guim Expósito med. 26-åringen har ett flertal bra kvalitéer och erfarenhet av spel i både Spanien och Sverige.

Under smeknamnet Speedy Gonzales spelade Expósito två säsonger i Wetterbygden, senast 2018–2019 där han snittade 12 poäng, 3 returer och 2 steals per match. Efter det har han spenderat en säsong i Spaniens andraliga och nu ser han fram emot att ansluta till Umeå.

“I’m really happy to join Umeå BSKT, I can’t wait to get to know my teammates and the organization. I’ve just heard amazing word about this project and I’m excited.”

Expósito som även är utbildad biokemist förväntar sig att laget kommer att spela högkvalitativ och underhållande basket under den kommande säsongen.

“For this upcoming season I am sure we are going to play high quality level of basketball and it’s going to be really fun to watch us play. I have no doubt it’s going to be a season full of success because there is no team in SBL who is going to fight for the games as we are.”

Huvudtränare Boris Balibrea är bekant med Expósito från hans tränaruppdrag i Wetterbygden. Balibrea beskriver den 198 centimeter långe guarden som en basketsmart attackspelare.

“With the Guim’s sign, we’ve a player who can help us in up to 3 different positions on the court. We could say that Guim is a combo guard, who feels very comfortable in the position of 2, running the floor, attacking the basket and creating advantages for his teammates, but that due to his IQ and ball-handling, he can perform the PG functions without problem. Besides, his height and physical condition also allow him to help us in position 3, with his more than 1.98cm and ability to jump and help to the rebound.”

Balibrea är positiv till Expósitos erfarenhet och tror att han kommer passa väl in i den spelstil han vill föra.

“Guim knows the league and knows the style of play that I want to implement in Umeå, and He’s perfectly fitting the team We’re building. He returns to SBL after being proclaimed champion of LEB Gold (second division in Spain) and achieving promotion to ACB with Valladolid. He comes back having one more year of experience in a very strong and tough league, with a lot of competition, and I’m sure this has made him a better player.”

“With Guim’s sign, We make sure to maintain the balance between playing an offensive game were sharing the ball will be the main goal, and of course, a very aggressive defense for 40 minutes into the game where everyone is going to help each other and We’ll fight as a union. Step by step!”

Text: Emma Järvholm

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