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Uppdatering om Umeå BSKTs division 2 lag

Division 2 herrar lördag

Umeå BSKT – Vråken 4976

Haskell 10, Malca 2, Botold 12, Sjolund 2, Sehlstedt 9, Lindblom Mel. 3, Gutestam, Grahn 2, Hemmingsson 9, Safari, Lindblom Max.

Coach Pavlogiannis:

”It was a bad performance from our team. We had a lot of players that couldn’t play. We had to play ”small ball” for a long period. We missed a lot of rebounds and we weren’t tough enough in defense. In offense we didn’t push the transition and we had bad percentages in shooting. We have to practice harder and be better no matter how many players we miss”

Division 2 herrar söndag

Umeå BSKT – Vråken U19 8570

Haskell 17, Malca 4, Botold 18, Sehlstedt 4, Linblom Mel. 10, Gutestam 5, Grahn 4, Hemmingsson 9, Safari, Seck 10, Linblom Max 4.

Coach Pavlogiannis :

”We had a good game offensively with 4 players scoring over 10 points. The energy in defense was good especially in the first half. We won the first quarter 26-18 and the second one 18-9. In the second half we made long rotation and we finally won with a good difference. We have to keep working because more difficult games are coming soon.”


NrLagV/FPoäng1.IKSU8/1162.BC Luleå6/2123.Gladan Basket6/2124.BK Höken5/3105.Vråken4/586.Umeå BSKT4/587.Gammelstad BBK3/868.Vråken U192/749.Steelers1/62

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